Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I've been masturbating forever, long before i knew that what i was doing was masterbation!

One of my first techniques was the thigh-squeeze. I was in 1st grade, sitting near the window. I felt the urge, and off I went. As far as i know, I've always been subtle enough to avoid detection. It's just that when my clit starts tingling, I can't resist.

I'm glad I have a masterbation method that is suitable for public use, although I think the best use of the thigh-squeeze is when surfing the web. I don't have to restrain myself, and I can pleasure myself while typing!

I love to read stories on my computer about other women masturbating while squeezing my thighs together. I can do it for hours on end...by the time I climax my clit is huge and my panties are soaked like you wouldn't believe!

Josephine (27)

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Monday, February 16, 2004

I too have been using the thigh-squeezing technique all my life.

I find it's even better when I lie on my stomach, insert two fingers into my vagina and vibrate them while I squeeze my thighs together. I come fast and furious, and ten or more times in a row using this technique. Nothing else I've tried has brought such a rush!

In a public place, like the back of a dark movie theatre, I've used the thigh sqeezing technique. I use one hand between my legs and slip a discreet hand up my blouse and squeeze my nipples at the same time.

Wendy (19)

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I had always just assumed this was a popular technique, at least in public when it's important to hide what you're doing. But come to think of it, of the women who masturbate at all, far fewer attempt it in public, and in privacy, other, more-direct techniques win out. The excitement of thigh-squeeze is in its stealthy, illicit nature. Except in x-rated movie theatres, I've seldom taken it to orgasm, but instead use it just to boost a rush I'm already feeling.

The only times I've been nearly caught were a couple of times at theatres, where I was past caring, and at a strip club. Most times it's just a quick squeeze or two, and no one's the wiser.

Joanne (52)

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I've been using the thigh-squeezing technique ever since i was a little girl. it's best with tight jeans on so that when you cross your legs you catch your clit in just the right way. i've done it in class, in libraries, on buses...although, i must admit, it's really hard to do without being obvious. That's why i like using it to get nice and wet.

When i'm at home alone, while i'm reading stories or looking at pictures, I can squeeze and thrust my hips as fast and as hard as i want! In fact, i'm doing it right now reading about other people doing it makes me squeeze faster and harder...i get off on relating to other people having the same kind of experience.


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Saturday, February 14, 2004

I can remember rubbing on balled up blankets as far back as 5 years old.

I generally start by just rubbing my body all over. I have labia piercings...so I really like to pull on them for some added pain/pleasure. I get my fingers all slicked up with lube and start working in circular motions around my clit

Soon it is aching for something inside of it...I'm a dildo fan and have various sizes to choose from. I begin working one into me and imagine it's my lover on top of me. Often, I will turn to my favourite vibe (Hitachi Magic Wand...it's great!!) and put it on my clit...pulling up the hood and rubbing it hard on the head, up and down, as I pump the dildo in and out of me harder and faster.

Generally, this really gets me off...sometimes when I'm done...I'll pull the toy out and finger my G spot really hard and SQUIRT all over the place.

Samantha (36)

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Friday, February 13, 2004

The only way I can cum while masturbating is when I hump my pillow and let my nipples rub against either the carpet or the sheets.

I have only had one orgasm by rubbing my clit. It seems I'm either too dry, then I use some lotion then I'm too wet. Sometimes I give up because I don't feel as though I will cum.

I would love to be able to just lay on my back and rub my clit and cum. Am I quitting too soon? How long does it usually take before reaching an orgasm. My clit is very sensitive and that maybe the reason why I give up so soon.

Is there a point when the sensitivity turns into intense sexual sensitivity?

June (23)

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I masturbate quite a lot and fantasy is a major part.

I have to picture the current star of my fantasy in every detail. I can clearly imagine his slim body. I feel his lips on mine and even smell his body.

Slowly, he runs his hands over my body, gradually undressing me, whispering in my ear as he describes my breasts, my hard, long nipples sticking out. I feel my bits getting hot and swelling, and I'm getting really wet. He runs his hand up my thigh and over my cheeks of my bum, straying in-between. Ummm, I like that!

I am kneeling on the carpet with my head on a pillow and my bum up in the air, rubbing against a smooth, round table leg. My imaginary lover is still whispering rude things to me. I don't touch myself. I like to tease, keep it going till I just can't wait any longer. I am tingling from my toes to the top of my head.

I imagine him stripping off. I can hear myself sloshing against the table leg as I slide up and down because I'm so wet. With one hand I tug softly at my nipples. My boobs ache with excitement. I'm quite close to cumming now!

My lover is licking me down below, his tongue sliding in and out. Then it hits me like a slow, massive wave, crushing the breath out of me and carrying me on, wave after wave after wave. My whole body writhes and jerks. I have to bite the pillow to muffle my moans and groans. It's soooo nice.

When I've stopped, breathless and dizzy, I find that I've clenched myself so hard that I've left nail indentations all over my bruised and swollen pussy.


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